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Our camps are comfortable, mobile, tented spaces that enable an experience that connects you intimately with nature while its functioning feeds back into the natural environment

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Bitou Birding Festival: 27 Sept – 6 October, 2024

Calling all birding enthusiasts, from novices to seasoned twitchers! Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey into exploring the rich diversity of birdlife across the many varied habitats of the Garden Route. Nestled in the scenic coastal region of Bitou, which includes Plettenberg Bay, Natures Valley, Wittedrift and Keurboomstrand along the picturesque Garden Route of the Western Cape, South Africa – the Bitou Birding Festival is bound to offer an unforgettable birding experience.

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The design of each camp is dictated by its environmental opportunities, limitations and needs


Water use is a mere 2% comparable to that used in lodges – hot water bucket showers ensure sustainable use of water.

Grey water is filtered through biochar which naturally creates refrigeration with wind


Using straw that breaks down the humanure from Biocamp loo’s to facilitate composting – sapling Yellowwoods, Red Elder and Ironwoods from the SANParks Diepwalle Nursery are replanted as part of our Reforestation program


We use only off-grid energy and have a focus on incorporating only renewable energy technology.


Camp crew, guides (and where possible food) are sourced from the local communities

Why Biocamps?

It is ironic that stillness and quiet is rare and fleeting in our modern lifestyle when there is in fact, an inexhaustible supply of it. We also believe that the very nature of our mental and spiritual make up depends on being part of the natural environment.

Biocamps were conceived as a solution to get us back into Nature where the sound of a slow-moving river or a soft forest floor is able to restore and rejuvenate and does so, comfortably, safely and sustainably and in a non-invasive kind of way while having fun.

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Earth Pledge

  • We are driven by the principles that underpin authenticity, transparency, honesty, respect and generosity
  • We pledge to apply these principles in our work, the environment, and all living beings we encounter
  • We pledge to understand and engage with our spaces and the  inhabitants of these spaces
  • We pledge to do no unnecessary harm but to rather give back
  • We pledge to practise harmonious co-existence during all our encounters and interactions
  • We pledge committment to sustainable ways of living, interacting & doing business so that the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is not compromised
  • We pledge to share our love and sense of awe for earth’s alchemies
  • For our visitors our wish is to facilitate wonder and reveal magic that endures long after their time with us.

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